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McDonalds: Pay With Lovin’?

I’m not lovin’ McDonalds new “feel good” ad campaign

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No I don’t want a hug!

McDonalds is doing too much these days with their new ad campaign.  Their latest, big push, the Super Bowl, Pay With Lovin’ ad, looks like a cringe inducing bit of tomfoolery for employees and customers alike.

When I think, “feel good” and “happiness”, those two thoughts never come to mind whenever I was in a Mickey Dee’s drive-thru.  Needless to say, it will take more than some snazzy ad campaign make me a believer.

mcdonalds mofo chix sandwich

However, I have some suggestions as to what they need to be doing;

How about y’all clean up those nasty restrooms, stop getting the newest Mexican immigrant who don’t speak the English too well working the dreaded drive thru and keep the mean wannabe thug who slams EVERYTHING on the counter back in the kitchen and MOST IMPORTANTLY since you’re so willing to spend millions on these pandering ads and it’s obvious you have money to spare, how about paying those folks a decent wage?

via McDonald’s: Super Bowl XLIX Pay With Lovin’ – YouTube.

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PCDS • January 30, 2015

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