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Leslie Jones Is Having The Best Week Ever…This Week

Yesterday, Leslie Jones not only featured in the first trailer for the latest Chris Rock movie, Top Five, she was promoted to a member of the main cast on Saturday Night Live.

Looks like the “No. 1 Slave Draft Pick” is getting her shot at the big time!

Saturday Night Live Writer Leslie Jones Is Promoted to Cast Member

I would be the No. 1 slave draft pick. All of the plantations would want me,” she said. “Now, I can’t get a brotha to take me out for a cheap dinner. Can a b–ch get a beef bowl?!!” Maybe the controversy gave Jones the boost she needed for a promotion.
Hey, America, you can stop searching now, SNL has finally found their successor to the go-to token Kenan Thompson Tracy Morgan.

…okay maybe not, (get well soon Tracy)

Anyway, Leslie Jones, kudos to you, gurl!


You’re having the BEST WEEK EVER….THIS WEEK

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PCDS • October 21, 2014

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