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David Cameron Gets A “Black Eye” After “Blacked Up” Photo Op

British Prime Minister David Cameron was having a day out with the family, last week, and, as politicians do, took time out to take a few photos with some citizens, in this instance, Morris dancers and…well…here you go;


…at least the baby had the good sense to not want to be identified/associated with this (sarcasm)


In America, if a politician came across a group of white people with black makeup on their faces, they’d take off running like Olympic sprinters

politician blackface

Orange Is The New Blackface














…most of the time (Fun Fact: This isn’t even the WORST racial thing this guy has done)  Ha ha ha, he’s awful!


“Blacked-Up” is a British term for what we Yanks call “blackface“…kind of.  According to this guy:

Martin de Vine, founder and Squire of the Foxs Morris dancers, said: “David Cameron was having a coffee and we saw him and just asked if he would have a picture taken,” The Telegraph reported.

…sidebar, I wonder would the German chancellor would take a photo with a “smiling Nazi”?

“They blacked their faces with soot because it was illegal to beg and they didn’t want to be recognised.

Hmph, I ain’t too proud to beg…KICK IT

It was a disguise, in the same way that the leader of the troupe wears a top hat and is called the squire to take the mickey out of the local squire.

That was way too British for me to comprehend.

“It’s not racist and offence is never taken. People from other cultural backgrounds don’t see it as that at all.

I bet that this is the part where he says he has a black friend who’s cool and don’t have a problem with blackface

We have had an Arab person dancing with us in the past – it’s not seen as racist.

Close enough.

Doesn’t matter where it happens, when something racial happens, the excuses sound practically the same, the only difference, in the case of when it occurs in Britain, the accents makes it sound almost appealing 🙂

Oh, and there’s this little tidbit:

In the 1960s, one of the most popular shows on British television was the Black and White Minstrel Show.


Yeah, that was a thing and the kids…

St Patrick's Kilsyth - 1977 Civic Week - Black and White Minstrel show 1










and even the Queen












were all on board for this, so it’s not like the British are oblivious about blackface.

I wouldn’t be surprised that a lot of these Morris dancers are all wishing they could have been lucky enough to be on something called The Black & White Minstrel Show.

Sigh, I want to get drunk but all I have is Vanilla soy milk in the fridge.

David Cameron in race row after posing with blacked-up Morris dancers – News – The Independent.

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PCDS • October 20, 2014

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