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“Sex And The Niggaz” Is A (Brazilian) Thing

Once, President George W. Bush allegedly asked the President Of Brazil “do you have blacks too?”  I don’t know if President Dubya ever got the answer to his alleged question but now we know that they have “Niggaz” and they be liking the Sex.

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In a translated Brazilian article, the outrage about such a show includes the following statement:

“Sex and the Niggaz” (translated from the Brazilian title “Sexo e as Negas”), where the main character is a white woman who seeks love, while the black women live only for sex, which reminds us of another Brazilian expression which also has its roots in slavery and has remained practically unchanged – “White women are for marriage, mulatas are for fucking and black women are for work”

Damn and just when you thought America had the market covered in making black women look bad, we get worse…

Um, on second thought…Nevermind.


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PCDS • October 19, 2014

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