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When Miley Met Biggie: Today In “Why, God, Why?”

why god why

So, I was reading the 5 Great Songs by Otherwise Awful Musicians article, over on Cracked.com.

miley cyrus

The #2 song on this list was Miley Cyrus‘ song, Party In The USA (hey, I didn’t make up this list) and in the midst of the writer’s justification for adding such a sh*t song to his list there was this;

YouTube Preview Image


I know right?  The Notorious B.I.G‘s debut single, Party & Bullshit, was mashed up with Party In The U.S.A.? I never knew such an abomination existed and  I wished that I never had come across it.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I saw that Rita Ora had a song with the same title.  Like hell, I’m going to find out if she did a remake, too.

No, I need to hear the untainted classic to get that lyrical halitosis out of my head.

YouTube Preview Image
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PCDS • October 18, 2014

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