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Chi-Raq Is Spike Lee’s Overstuffed Joint

Friends, Chicagoans, Americans Lend me your eyes I come to satire Gang Violence, not to praise it –Me (paraphrasing William Shakespeare) I love Spike Lee. My introduction to his vision was his first full length film, SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT,  in a movie theater on the University Of Alabama campus.  Looking back, I can only laugh…

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Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign

Coming not too long after McDonalds “Pay With Lovin’” marketing campaign, we have yet another lame marketing gimmick/Can’t We All Get Along ploy this time from Starbucks, called #RaceTogether: CEO Howard Schultz is encouraging the company’s baristas to write said slogan on the sides of coffee cups. If customers inquire about what #RaceTogether means, he says…

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Chris Rock’s Top Five Is Top Shelf

At the beginning of the film, Top Five,  André Allen (Chris Rock) is at a turning point. He’s a comedian who’s best known for Hammy The Bear, a series of films about a talking bear/police officer (think Lethal Weapon starring Smokey The Bear).  The films have made him a very rich man yet Allen wants to…

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Ballerina Vs. Blouses

On today’s episode of  The Rachael Ray Show, Misty Copeland casually dropped a line about playing a game of basketball against Prince (with whom she performed with a while back) like it was no big thang (just like it was obviously no big thang how much Dr. Ian and Rachael handled raw chicken barehanded…don’t fondle…

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